Feminists and MRAs: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I came to a realization lately and I really have nowhere to discuss this realization other than here so I figured I’d make a very short and very brief post about this.  If you spend any time in the political sphere of the internet, you’re bound to hear conversations over the topic of feminism.  I’d say I’m not anti-feminism, but I don’t consider myself a feminist and I have a lot of criticisms about the movement as it exists today. Continue reading “Feminists and MRAs: Two Sides of the Same Coin”

100 Ridiculous Ways Men Can Make Women’s Lives Easier

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I’m alive!  Yay!  Did you miss me?  Probably not since I barely have an audience, and the tiny audience I did have probably forgot all about me, but hey!  So this is an article from Vice.com and the popular YouTuber TJ Kirk already responded to this article, but I wanted to take a crack at it myself so I’m gonna be stealing this idea from him.  I’m too lazy to link you to his video but if you have an hour to kill I’d recommend checking that out.  I’ll probably end up stealing some of his answers too since I saw his video before responding to this but I’ll try to make most of my responses original.  Either way, Dani Beckett has a list of a “mere 100 entries” on how us men can make women’s lives more bearable in today’s oppressive society (1).  So I’m just gonna respond to them all! Continue reading “100 Ridiculous Ways Men Can Make Women’s Lives Easier”

How sexist am I? – BuzzFeed Quiz

You can determine how sexist you are here.

The first BuzzFeed quiz I did on here determined my privilege.  Today, we’re determining how sexist I am!  Now, I personally don’t believe I am sexist and quite frankly feminists have this warped idea of sexism that dictates that pretty much everyone who has a dick is a misogynist from hell.  However, if I have sexist attitudes and I’m unaware of it I’m open to people pointing it out so I can possibly changed, but just because you call me sexist doesn’t mean I’ll just accept it without any sense of critical thinking.  With that said, let’s see how sexist BuzzFeed finds me! Continue reading “How sexist am I? – BuzzFeed Quiz”

My Favorite Podcast Has Come to an End

About 20 minutes ago, I got an email from YouTube telling me that one of my favorite channels have uploaded a video.  Much to my dismay, this video was discussing a popular podcast that I enjoyed viewing that was coming to an end.  Now considering that this YouTuber has over 1 million subscribers, you probably know him better than you know myself.  This YouTuber is TJ Kirk formally known as the Amazing Atheist.  Since my favorite podcast is coming to a close, I decided to give my thoughts on the podcast as my way as a fan to send it off. Continue reading “My Favorite Podcast Has Come to an End”

Answering Slick Questions for Atheists

So a long ass time ago, some guy named Matt Slick of CARM.org created a survey for atheists.  I decided to have some fun by answering the questions given in this survey.  The survey can be found here if you want to look through it yourself.  It is given in multiple choice format, but fuck that.  I’ll answer the questions given in my own way and ignore the options given. Continue reading “Answering Slick Questions for Atheists”

Played With Fire, Didn’t Get Burned!

So, the first semester of college is finally over!  So, I wanted to share two interesting events that occurred to me over finals.  One of these times I completely outed myself to one of my professors as an atheist.  The other, I didn’t really out myself as an atheist or anything of that nature but I did have to share a possibly unpopular opinion with my class. Continue reading “Played With Fire, Didn’t Get Burned!”

My Political Compass

The last week of this semester is right around the corner and finals are stressing me out.  So, why not de-stress by doing shit on this poor excuse of a blog?  Although I’m too lazy to respond to a specific video or article at the moment so instead I thought I’d do the political compass quiz to show where I stand politically.  Didn’t know how specifically to do this since some of the pages are so long that I couldn’t easily get a screenshot of my answers.  So instead, I’m just going to type everything else and elaborate on the points necessary.

You can see your political compass here.

Continue reading “My Political Compass”

9 Questions Gay People Have for Straight People (Answered By a Bisexual)

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I’ve been meaning to respond to this video for a long time and I’m just now getting to it.  Now I generally find BuzzFeed to be one of the most cancerous channels on YouTube, but I see why they’re so popular.  A lot of their content is based in relatability so if you can relate to a video than you might possibly like it.  Unfortunately for them, most people who relates to their videos are liberal feminists lesbians, but hey!  Even then, I have to admit there’s a few selected BuzzFeed videos that a part of me actually do kind of enjoy watching (don’t hate me, please!).  Like the BuzzFeed “Coming Out” video that actually managed to make me smile when I first saw it.  But today, we aren’t looking at a BuzzFeed video that makes you all warm and fuzzy inside!  Today we’re, or at least I‘m, answering 9 questions gay people have for straight people!  Well I’m half straight…close enough!  Leggo!

Original video can be viewed here. Continue reading “9 Questions Gay People Have for Straight People (Answered By a Bisexual)”

LGBT Representation in Marvel Movies

Disclaimer: Before we get started, there is a possibility for minor spoilers in this article but anything I deem to be major spoilers to the movie is avoided.

So I saw Thor: Ragnarok this weekend.  It was aight.  It was a fun movie but skippable in terms of the entire MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the 2 of you unaware of that yet).  Pretty much the only major things you needed to know is that Hulk’s back after the second Avengers film, Loki may or may not have the tesseract, and Thor shaved his hair (quite a tear-jerker scene for me personally).  However, as previously mentioned on this blog I don’t want to review movies on here so that isn’t what this is.  Instead, if there’s some type of discussion about a movie that I desire to bring up than I might talk about that instead.  So if you’re looking for a formal review of the film, go elsewhere!  Today, we’re discussing LGBT representation! Continue reading “LGBT Representation in Marvel Movies”