Feminists and MRAs: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I came to a realization lately and I really have nowhere to discuss this realization other than here so I figured I’d make a very short and very brief post about this.  If you spend any time in the political sphere of the internet, you’re bound to hear conversations over the topic of feminism.  I’d say I’m not anti-feminism, but I don’t consider myself a feminist and I have a lot of criticisms about the movement as it exists today.

Within recent years, another movement has popped up relating to men’s rights and these people call themselves Men’s Rights Activists (or MRAs).  Now, if you don’t know anything about MRAs, they essentially fight against misandry in America such as male prison sentences, child custody battles, trying to get people to take female-on-male rape/sexual assault seriously, etc.  Feminists hate MRAs and often mischaracterize them as being a bunch of misogynists that exists only to troll feminists even though they basically do the same thing.  In fact, the more I analyze the two movements, the more similar they seem to me.

Now, I’m not anti-feminist nor am I anti-MRA — in fact, I see valid arguments from both sides and I have some harsh criticisms of both sides — but I don’t identify with either movements.  I would have to say, if you forced me to choose either movement to join then I would become an MRA simply because feminism is so mainstream and needs more challenging in my opinion.  But feminists strawman MRAs as whiny, misogynistic, stupid, and ultimately fighting against women’s rights but fighting for rights that they already have (because men supposibly have zero struggles and these people refuse to actually listen to the opposing side).  These criticsms could also be applied to feminists but in reverse.  Yet, neither side seems to be self-aware enough to realize they match these criticisms that they’re placing on the apposing side.

I recently created a Tumblr for myself (not attached to this blog so I’m not gonna bother sharing it) and I stumbled upon an old post created by a male feminist criticizing MRAs.


This post pissed me off because if you’re active in the online feminist debates you’d know how hypocritical this is.  If a woman enjoys watching sports and is criticized for it because it’s deemed as traditionally masculine, that would be considered misogynistic.  However, apparently when a man wishes to do something like bake (which I guess is considered a traditionally feminine thing), it’s not deemed as misandrist but misogynistic because he’s being told he can’t do things that a woman would traditionally do.  There’s no consistency!  It’s like misandry just flat out doesn’t exist and anything misandrist is misogynistic through some backwards feminist logic.  Besides, these things are so surface level complaints to begin with.  How does this criticism towards MRAs even remotely touches upon the inequality of prison sentences or child custody?

I’ve spent more time on this blog criticizing feminism then I have with the points in which I agree, so I figured I’d touch upon that here for a bit.  The number one thing I agree with feminists is that of gender equality (although, MRAs claim to believe in gender equality also so that’s not unique to feminism).  I also tend to agree with feminists on equal pay, on deconstructing gender roles (although I don’t think gender roles are inherently bad, they’re only bad if you’re being forced to fallow them when you don’t want to), and to some extent representation in media.  I do tend to think that representation is important, but representation doesn’t necessarily effect the quality of a movie.  I liked Black Panther because I adored Killmonger, Wakanda was fucking amazing, and the majority black cast was actually quite refreshing.  However, the majority black cast didn’t make this movie a good movie and the fact that there wasn’t any LGBT people in the film (yes, that was a criticism the SJWs made) didn’t decrease the quality of the movie.

Funny little tangent, when Deadpool 2 was announced to have a lesbian couple in it, I did a little celebration online since I just love me some gay shit.  Somebody actually called me an SJW for enjoying a lesbian couple in a movie.  Guys, THAT’S NOT WHAT AN SJW IS!!!! Besides, is a lesbian couple really going to ruin your movie-going experience that much?

In conclusion: feminists, MRAs, ya’ll are basically the same.  You both claim to fight for gender equality but focus on one gender over the other, you both tend to call the other group sexist, and you both strawman the other group so much that it’s not hard to see why you guys hate each other.  Maybe try and listen to the other side a bit more to hear what they have to say?  Yes, a lot of feminists are misandrist harpies and feminism produces a lot of sexism despite them claiming to fight against it…but the same can be said about MRAs except in reverse.

Anyways, that was just my little rant.  I hope this made some lick of sense?  Comment below with your thoughts.  I’m kinda interested to see the feeback I get on this.


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